Bag and cartridge filters

Bag and cartridge filters Aspex


We produce bag and cartridge filters Aspex, that are used for dedusting of aspirated air, formed at various processes in power engineering, metallurgy, at bulk solids handling, in joiner's and wood-working manufactures etc., included explosion-proof versions.

Description of operation

The gas containing solid contaminant, passing through the ingate, divides into several flows and enters the output channel. Further gas reaches bin, where large dust particles settle under the action of gravitational force. Polluted air goes upward into the filter case to the vertically suspended filtering bags. Passing through them into the chamber of pure gas, gas is being filtrated. From the chamber of pure gas, through the ingates, gas reaches the output channel and then leaves the filter.

Passing through filtering bags, dust particles are caught on their external surfaces and form continuous dust layer which is regularly eliminated by pulsing regeneration. Regeneration is carried out by short (150 ms) pulses of compressed air, which is fed inside the filtering elements from the holes of the blow-down pipe. Under the action of compressed air pulse on inner side tearing-off of the precipitated dust layer from an external bag surface occurs. Dust drops into the discharge hopper, then dust is removed from the filter through a lock feeder. Regeneration, namely frequency and length of a pulse, is provided by high-perfgormance diaphragm valves Mecair® or Goyen® which are controlled with the help of regeneration control unit ща the same brand via piloted valves. The regeneration mode can be adjusted for two kinds of operation: regeneration by differential pressure and regeneration by timer. All system is designed on the basis of Pentair Umwelttechnik GmbH. components. For operation of the regeneration system compressed air with pressure 5-8 bar without oil and mechanical impurities and also drained with a dew-point -40 °C is needed.

All elements that we use in our systems have high quality, for example used filtered bag are produced exclusively from needle-punchin nonwoven polymer German materials with the exception of glass fiber with PTFE membrane (membrane fabric PTFE), which is made in Great Britain.

Automatic Filter Control System

The filter is supplied with an automatic control system (programmable automatic device - PLC). Given arbitrarily programmable automaton, designed on the basis of Siemens components, allows control of all filter modules. This system controls:

  • regeneration of filtering bags;
  • system of the dust emptying;
  • heating of bins;
  • system for preventing of the dust hanging in the bin.

Automatic control system also provides necessary blocking, informs about operation parameters and emergency states of filter operation. System continuously represents a differential pressure at the input and output of the filter. Value of the differential pressure of the bags defines level of cloging filter. Optimum value of a differential pressure is within the range of 1200 Pa.

On request automatic system allows control of the smoke exhausterand, representation of the basic technological parameters of its operation.

Control of all Aspex filters is designed according to demands of the chosen technology and forachievement of optimum economic maintenance and complete automation of the equipment operation. Control units allow trouble-free Profibus communication with control system of the higher level.

Examples of produced bag и cartridge filters.