We produce

Bag and cartridge filters, produced using the world's best technologies, components and expertise, designed and manufactured in Russia.

Aspex Engineering Company is one of the few companies in the field which hasn't grown out of research institutes and special trusts that allows us to base on the up-to-date west experience in the design and manufacture of aspiration systems – bag and cartridge filtration units. Our young and highly professional team – is the best and the most promising people in the industry with working experience in leading west companies. We work in permanent contact with our foreign colleagues, and use their expertise in our company.

We supply solutions with the innovative regeneration systems of filter elements, individually designed for specific needs in Germany, each regeneration system is simulated in software package that further will allow you significantly extend life of the filter elements, other consumables and components. Filter materials that we use are all produced by west companies and have high Detex values.

We produce software for automation of our units by ourselves. Aspex Customer Service is ready to answer your questions around the clock. Nobody in Russia has ever produced bag and cartridge filters like this.

Our mission

To design and supply high-level and high-quality aspiration systems (bag and cartridge filters) at reasonable prices for our clients in Russia and throughout the world. We use cutting edge advancements in the industry and intend to continue on the same lines. We change market in our country, completely avoiding corruption in our work.


We are the children of the nature, its part, nature gives us all that we want, guides our lives, our feelings, fills us and, therefore, all our activities and its yields should be in the same direction with natural intentions.

Our clients

Our customers are mainly well-organized companies, striving for the highest standards in their work and as a consequence more carefully choose their suppliers. We are glad to be chosen and we do our best to give our customers even more confidence in their work and selected course. Aspex operates in almost all sectors of the global industry, and is aimed to become the most reliable and desirable supplier in the market.