New Aspex project of the re-equipment of the aspiration system


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Aspex engineering company has concluded an agreement about the re-equipment of the bag filter into the cartridge one, series Aspex 200-3-1500, at the enterprise of the building sector in the Russian Federation, that will allow client getting multiply larger filtration area, dramatically reducing of the emissions to 5-10 mg/m3 and power inputs due to application of the more modern ventilation installation.

Now we calculate the hydrodynamic resistance of the route and elaborate the design documents of the new system.

We expect in the future that many elements of the aspiration systems in Russian Federation, used for example at the sites of reloading of the loose material, will be in the same way replaced with the cartridge systems from the bag ones, as it allows success achieving of the goals described above.


With best regards,