Address of the chief engineer

Michael Petyhov, Doctor of technical sciences
chief engineer, technical director of Aspex

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I’m glad to introduce your attention Aspex engineering machinery company, co-founder of which I am.

For a long time I work in large and well-known European company manufactured filtering equipment as a chief engineer. I repeatedly followed the courses abroad and master basic principles of filtering engineering of the world level.

Lately I have supervised such projects:

  • installation of the fabric filter for technological unit of aspiration system of the coke supply section of the blastfurnace #7, blastfurnace shop #2 (filter was installed and set in operation), bag filter with capacity 140 000 mЗ/h, OJSC 'NLMK';
  • reconstruction of the aspiration system of the mixer section of the oxygen-converter shop #1, OJSC 'NLMK', basic engineering. Design work is carried out. It is planned to install two filters with capacity up to 600 000 mЗ/h;
  • reconstruction of the aspiration system of an electric arc furnace shop OJSC 'NSMMZ'. Basic engineering was carried out, subsection of design work according to the Russian government directive #87 with capacity up to 2 400 000 mЗ/h.

I did gladly accepted the proposal of Aspex company to head the technical department to implement my own engineer concepts and offer equipment of the same level but sophisticated and cheaper using my European experience. Looking forward for Your request. Sincerely, with regards, Petyhov M.A.