About Us

Aspex company offers to your attention dust and gas-purifying equipment of Russian production and engineering with the quality that exceeds the word leading OEM or equals with them. We develop and offer bag filters, cartridge filters, mobile (local) dust catchers, desulphurizers, heat exchangers and a wild range of the accessories. At design of bag and cartridge filters we use methods used by the west companies. Chief engineer of the gas purification systems has an international certificate and the work experience in the leading west company. We use exclusively the most high-quality filter fabrics with the low Dtex values and simulation of operation of the regeneration system with the help of GOCO complex. No one has ever design the cartridge filters in Russia like we do. We actively develop; have the high goals, standards and moral qualities. Each your order will be done with taking into account the peculiarities of your problems and the features of your equipment.

Address of the chief engineer

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I’m glad to introduce your attention Aspex engineering machinery company, co-founder of which I am.

For a long time I work in large and well-known European company manufactured filtering equipment as a chief engineer. I repeatedly followed the courses abroad and master basic principles of filtering engineering of the world level. Detailed >